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Upholstery Care

Sofas and armchairs can really ‘make’ a room, which is why you spend so much time, effort and money purchasing them. It, often time, what makes a room or create the vibe you intendant for your living room. Its the center of what goes on in the house  - and had the highest rate of traffic out of all similar house hold items.

Your furniture also takes an enormous amount of wear and tear, on a daily basis, particularly if you have children.

There’s also the problem dirt and soil accumulation and the inevitable spills and stains that appear over time. And regular cleaning isn’t likely to get out anything more than superficial dirt and spots….

which is why using a professional upholstery service makes good sense.

Care For Your Furniture

We have a group of experienced and dedicated furniture and upholstery cleaners in NJ. Employing state of the art cleaning equipment, and using only non toxic cleaning products, we scout your sofa for all possible dirt, grime, spot and stains.

Going deep between each and every fiber, we are able to promise you a quality cleaning process that will renew your upholstery completely.

Offering same day service, you can call us and have your sofa thoroughly cleaned couple of hours later. At emergencies, getting ready for a party, or simply wanting to have a nice fresh feel to your house, we are your first and only call.

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