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Eliminate stains and odors

We all love our pets, and many of us look upon them as just one more member of the family. But even the best pet slips up occasionally – and when there’s an unfortunate ‘accident’ on the carpet, we often end up upset, stressed and frustrated. Not only are we left with an unpleasant and embarrassing stain, but there’s also the nasty, lingering odor to contend with.

More than soap and water

Pet urine acts as an acid (or bleach). This warm acidity state makes it a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. When these acids seep into the carpet fibers, an odor arises. Once the urine has dried, it will leave hydrophillic salts behind and even if the bacteria are killed off, this odor will remain. And getting rid of this odor requires more than soap and water. (In fact, bacteria breed in water, so you’ll actually make the problem worse). Even routine carpet cleaning by a professional cannot deal entirely with pet stains.

Special enzyme-based solutions

Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry. There are solutions – and look no further than New Jersey Steamers. We employ only the most experienced, well-trained technicians, who know exactly what methods can best deal with stubborn pet stains. We can treat the affected areas, using special enzyme-based products, which will not only remove the unpleasant stain but also eliminate all traces of the accompanying odor. Once we have applied the enzyme, we will let it sit for some time, before "flushing out" the urine using our powerful hot-water techniques, and using our truck-mounted machinery.

We can have your carpet looking good as new in no time, and you can keep your pet indoors as well.

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