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Oriental Rug Restoration

Rugs Restored to Original Glory

NJ Steamers gives you the chance to lend your Oriental rugs a new lease of life. With professional rug restoration services available, you can have your damaged and used up Oriental rugs restored to their original glory.

More often than not, homeowners don’t give much thought to having their rugs taken care of properly. The wear & tear builds up over time, leading to a point where the rug is no longer in a usable state. This is where we come in to the rescue.

Experience and Expertise Combined

Our rug restoration team includes some of the best rug experts in the region. They come with expertise and experience. We make sure their skills are regularly upgraded and updated, enabling us to provide better services with each passing day.

We provide our rug experts with the tools they need to carry out proper restoration of Oriental rugs, including cleaning products, spinning material and modern equipment.

Organic is The Way to Go

We are proud to say that the cleaning products we use are environment-friendly, and completely biodegradable. It is important to us that we leave your house with only the fresh scent of a cleaned and restored rug.

So, the next time you look at your Oriental rug and feel it is nothing like its original self, give NJ Steamers a call and get professionals to restore it.

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