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Carpet Protection

An impenetrable barrier

Over time, it’s inevitable that your carpet is going to accumulate grime and dirt, making regular professional cleaning highly advisable. But once you’ve had your carpet cleaned, how do you keep it looking good and smelling fresh? New Jersey Steamers recommends carpet protection, which can be applied immediately after the technician has carried out your cleaning.

It provides a virtually impenetrable barrier between the fabric and the liquid spilt, making stains a lot less likely, as well as less problematic. There are many benefits to this kind of protection:

  • It helps carpet fibers to repel dirt and grime by "sealing" each individual fiber and not the air space between them. This helps your carpet stay cleaner, longer.
  • It is effective in repelling oil and water-based stains.
  • It makes vacuuming easier, as well as subsequent cleanings, because the dirt inside the fibers is loosened more easily.
  • Because more dirt and soil is picked up during these cleanings, your carpet will last longer.

Looking cleaner, smelling fresher

Carpet protection keeps your home looking cleaner and smelling fresher for far longer, and decreases the likelihood of permanent stains. If red wine, chocolate, coffee or even grease are spilt on your carpet, you can mop them up quickly and simply. If dry soils are trodden into your carpet, the protection applied will make it easier for you to brush them off. And children’s food and drinks (which often contain acid dyes) are less likely to leave a nasty stain.

Green and clean

Because we are committed to a better planet, as well as the health of you and your family, we use only environmentally-friendly products, all of which are organic and non-toxic. They do not contain the chemicals found in traditional products, making them particularly safe for your children and pets. They also do as good a job, if not a better job than conventional products, leaving your carpet in optimum state.

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