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Say no to toxic chemicals

More and more of us are consciously deciding to lead a more ‘green’ lifestyle – not just because we care about the planet, and its limited resources, but also because we know that it will help protect the health of our families and pets.

The dangers of traditional carpet cleaning products are becoming increasingly well known, in particular how exposure to some of their toxic chemicals can provokes all kinds of unpleasant allergies and breathing difficulties.

100% Organic

Here at NJ Steamers - offering our NJ organic cleaning services, we don’t think our clients should have to deal with this kind of problem, and that exposure to such chemicals is completely unnecessary. We think green living should be a right which everyone can enjoy and that is why we are completely committed to environmentally-friendly cleaning.

We use only 100% organic products, in all of our work, all of them completely non-toxic. Not only are they completely safe for you, your kids and your pets, but they are uncompromisingly tough on dirt and grime.

Safe for your family but tough on grime

Tried and tested, our eco-friendly range of products are guaranteed to remove the most stubborn kind of stains and spills – from chocolate to red wine, from grease to rust, and from chewing gum to blood.

Neither do they leave behind the sticky residues common with traditional cleaning products. In actual fact, many of these solutions contain ingredients you’d find in your home – baking soda, salt and citric acid – so you can feel at ease with what we are using.

We take pride in our work and providing all of our customers with a premium service – Our commitment to organic cleaning products is a part of that. Call us now on 800.273.8553 for a free, no-obligation quotation, and to find out more about how we can help you.

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