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Rug Care

Rugs are always special to their owners, whether family heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation, or pieces chosen with time and care, to give a ‘finishing touch’ to a special room.

It is a full of character house hold item, one that is used to create atmosphere, or shine a specific style upon an otherwise dull room.

But making sure your rug stays in top condition, free from grime, soil and stains, is not always an easy task, which is its advisable to call in professionals.

No Rug is Lost Until Proven Otherwise...

Here at NJ Steamers, we’ve got all the experience and skill necessary to do a great job, leaving your rug looking beautiful and revitalized.

After inspecting your on site, and giving you a respected offer, we take the rug to our own facilities where we have top of the line equipment, coupled with extremely experienced technicians who have dealt with countless rugs in the past.

Everything That Needs to be Done

According to what needs to be done, we pass the rug through our cleaning or repair process, promising you will get a fully renewed rug when we deliver it back to your home, free of charge.

Talk to us today about getting your beloved rug the treatment it deserves.

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