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Elegant and sophisticated

Leather furniture is beautiful, elegant and sophisticated, making a bold statement in any home. No doubt about it, whilst leather is expensive, it really looks great. Unfortunately, it also spoils very easily, and needs a lot of care. Dusting it regularly, and wiping it with a soft cloth, will go a long way to keeping it looking good. But what happens when dirt and grime build up deep inside the material, or it suffers a stain, like blood, ink marks, chewing gum or pet urine? Before you know it, your beautiful piece looks neglected and shabby. And if you try cleaning it yourself, without knowing exactly what you’re doing, it could easily end up with it in worse condition than when you begun.

Nourish and protect your furniture

Here at New Jersey Steamers, we offer a high-quality leather furniture cleaning service in NJ, designed to restore your sofa or armchair to its former glory. We use hand cleaning methods, which not only leave your furniture looking beautifully clean, but also nourish and protects the leather, extending its lifespan. It is not a fast process, but we believe that the results speak for themselves. We use professional, eco-friendly cleaners and conditioners in all of our work, and once the leather has been thoroughly cleaned, we apply refinishing cream and a further protective coating. This doesn’t just give the leather a very attractive look but it also prevents future spills, and wear and tear on it.

Keep it soft and lustrous

We recommend having your leather furniture professionally cleaned every six months, to prevent it from cracking and drying. Leather cleaned regularly will stay lustrous and soft, and also repel stains.

In-between cleans, however, try to avoid placing in direct sunlight, because this will cause it to dry out, crack and fade. It’s also best to keep your sofa or armchair at least two feet away from any heat or air conditioning unit, because temperatures that do no remain constant cause the same problems.

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