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Rug Protection

Protect against dirt and grime

Rugs are always precious to their owners but the enormous amount of foot traffic they are subjected to means that they’re going to attract a lot of dirt and soil. Over time, as this builds up, it can lead to your precious piece looking faded and neglected. Professional rug cleaning is an excellent way to combat this problem, but how do you keep your rug in optimum shape afterwards?

Clean and healthy

The best way to take care of your rug, between professional cleanings, is by having one of our technicians apply rug protection solution to it, after it has been cleaned. This acts as a ‘shield’ between liquids/spills and the fibers/fabric of the rug, giving you a lot more protection against potential stains. Whether chocolate, coffee, red wine, chewing gum, or oil and water-based stains, applying rug protection will go a long way to keeping your rug in top shape. Once applied, spills can be mopped up with little effort, and dry soils can be brushed off easily.

Caring for the planet

Because we are committed to environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions, we use only 100% organic, completely non-toxic products, in our work. These aren’t just good for the planet but also protect the health of you, your children and your pets. Our ‘Green Depot’ rug protection solutions repel grime, kill germs and bacteria and will prolong the lifespan of your rug. Just as importantly, once rug protection has been applied, subsequent cleanings will be so much easier.

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