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Rug Padding

Extend your rug’s life

Many people spend a considerable amount of money when choosing a rug, as well as investing in regular professional cleanings. But what many people don’t realize is that using a rug pad is a critical aspect of keeping your rug in good condition. Rug pads actually do a lot more than just keeping an area rug from moving around. They dampen sound (reducing noise, especially on hardwood floors), and add a little cushion between the rug and the floor. Having something between the rug and the floor i.e. a pad, will also keep the rug backing from ruining the carpet.

Protection against slipping

Rug pads, of course, will also give you protection against slipping on smooth surfaces (hardwood, linoleum and tile), which everyone who has ever fallen on such a floor will know. Moreover, a good rug pad will also help extend the life of the rug – whether it is made of natural or man-made fibers. If you’ve purchased a high-quality expensive rug, taking care of it by taking this step is therefore a good way of protecting your investment.

Reduce wear and tear

NJ Steamers sells rug pads in different sizes and shapes, with our nj rug padding services. (Remember, a rug pad should always be smaller than the rug itself, so it will not show). They come in different materials, including:

  • Rubber mesh – this is suitable for hardwood, engineered or laminated floors. The knobbly texture keeps the rug from slipping all over the smooth surface
  • Vinyl-coated polyester – this is a good choice of pad for dark-colored rugs, as the dyes used to color the rug may seep into the carpet and cause it permanent damage
  • Felt jute pads – made of recyclable fibers, which are mold and mildew resistant. They do not scratch hardwood floors, contain no odors, and because they are of dense composition are resistant against heavy objects.

Remember - rug pads reduce wear, contribute to your safety around the home and improve the overall performance of your carpet. Don’t hesitate to purchase one.

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