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Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

A healthy, safer place to work

Stains, dust, dirt and allergens are part of every business day for office chairs and sofas. Without regular professional service, office furniture can begin to look tired and unprofessional.

Even worse, worn office furniture can literally come apart at the seams. Our commercial upholstery cleaning in New Jersey can keep your office looking its professional best.

We provide the finest in highly-skilled commercial upholstery cleaning in NJ and know how to bring back its appearance and comfort. We know that your furniture is part of your professional image, so we’re dedicated to keeping it looking clean and fresh.

Rest Easy in Clean Furniture

We use only 100%-organic cleaning products for office furniture. These products do their jobs well and also help safeguard your employees and the environment, as well as your visitors. That way your office can also take pride in wearing the green badge all the way through.

Our skilled cleaning teams know to safely clean upholstery fabrics, whether they’re cotton, silk, leather, micro-fiber, or even suede.

We have a cleaning method that allows us to distinguish between the different needs of each and every item, so we can better serve its cleaning and renewal. If not done like so, the upholstery will be cleaned, but will also start to degrade in quality and look.

We can renew and restore the appearance of your upholstered office furniture. Call us today for more information about our commercial upholstery cleaning in New Jersey.

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