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The Finest Cleaning Services for Fine Oriental Rugs

Being the most beautiful of all rugs, Oriental rugs deserve the best care as well. Regardless of whether you have a handmade, antique, wool or silk rug at home, NJ Steamers can clean it for you, restoring its original beauty and durability. Over time, the damage caused by pollution makes the oriental rug weak and worn out. A thorough rug cleaning is all that is require for extending its life. 

At NJ Steamers, we handle all kinds of handmade Oriental rugs. From family heirlooms that have been around for many years to rugs bought recently that are stained, we have the experience to deal with all kinds of cleaning problems and remove pet stains and odors . 

Oriental Rug Cleaning Specialists

We are proud to have a team of Oriental rug cleaning specialists at NJ Steamers. Each member of the crew is well-versed with the ins and outs of the trade and is an expert in his/her own right. From the moment the rug is brought to our facility, we begin a comprehensive process, from inspection to cleaning. 

The initial assessment prevents any part of the rug being left unclean. We make use of the best rug cleaning products and equipment to do our work. So, if you want to get Oriental rugs cleaned in New Jersey, call us. 

Poplars rug we clean : Persian, Pakistani, Arabian, Anatolian, Kurdish, Caucasian,Turkestanian, Chinese, Tibetan, 100% Hand-Knotted, wool, silk, antique and more....


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