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Amy Hunter, Queens

Carpet remains the public’s number one choice of flooring - and no surprise. Warm and soft, it is an excellent insulator and helps prevent slipping, making it a safe option for children and the elderly. 

But your carpet also takes a lot of foot traffic - each and every day - which is why it needs regular and professional care to keep it in top shape.

Keeping your wall to wall carpet clean, also helps you avoid health issues rising from accumulated grime and dirt, as well as keeping its value in terms of the house complete worth. 

What we Can do For Your Wall to Wall Carpet

Here at New Jersey Steamers, we know exactly what methods to use to have your carpet smelling as fresh and looking as clean as the day it was first installed…

Thoroughly inspecting the carpet status, we will recommend an actin plan, for cleaning and repair, if needed, that will bring back your carpet to its soft, comfortable and inviting form.

Seasoned Experts - Using Only Non Toxic Cleaning Products

Sine are staff is seasoned and experienced, we have developed our own method, using only biodegradable cleaning products, and yet getting the best results available. 

Talk to us about same day service for your tired and worn out wall to wall carpet - today!

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